Looking at the best year ever 2016!

Happy New Year ! from myself and the rest of the TechEdYellowPantsTeam! (TEYPT)


This past year was one of the most challenging years I’ve had in my life… I call it my  year of worst’s. It’s also the year my body turned on me, my back tried to stop me from having fun but luckily everything turned out well. It just took awhile to recover …costing me a lot of work days and important commitments including speaking engagements which I really looked forward to…not to mention loss of income.

Once again the year started off with a bang January 1st I got re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP this time in the Windows and Devices for IT category.

MVP Award 2016

It is a big honor for me to once again receive this award and I’m looking forward to being part of this wonderful community once again. Thank you to Microsoft and the Greater IT Community for your support and believing in me. I’m looking forward to making 2016 one of the best years ever. I have already been approached to speak at events later in this year so that is indeed a good start!

Once again Happy New year make it an awesome one… this MVP certainly will!

For more information on the MVP program click here :https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/overview

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MCT Summit EU Lisbon 2015

This years summit for Microsoft certified trainers in Europe took place in Lisbon and once again I was really proud to be part of such a great event with my peers.

MCT Summit Lisbon

I am also happy to announce all the guys in our IAMCT ATT “Train The Trainer” course exceeded the requirements to pass the course and thus able to register to as Microsoft Certified Trainers. Congrats to all of you!

The summit days where filled with technical and soft skills sessions where we could brush up on our trainer knowledge along with the new ins and outs within the MCT program run by Microsoft Learning.

A big thanks to sponsors and staff of the event already looking forward to the next one in Germany next year.

Mr lucky also won a prize …again 🙂 Thanks to Joao,Right IT Services and Melanie,Arvato!


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Conference Season – Speaking Engagements 2015

Conference Season – Speaking Engagements

I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to speak to people all over the world. I’ve spoken to people on technical topics and non-technical throughout the years. This year I’m once again blessed to be selected to speak at so many fantastic conferences in the IT Sphere and to be able to share some of what I know.

My upcoming engagements:

Azure DevDays – Helsinki Finland Microsoft Oy in Espoo

Microsoft Ignite I will also be staffing for Windows Team & Microsoft Learning – Chicago, USA

Briforum 2015 – London

E2EVC Virtualization Conference – Hong Kong

IT Pro Dev Connections – Las Vegas

Ping me via twitter @Microspecialist check my profile on linkedIn if you would like me to speak at your conference or company event.

Don’t be shy say Hi ! if you see me at these or other events.
Lookout for me and my Yellow Pants! #TechEdYellowPantsTeam

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MDT 2013 Update 1 preview available!

Last night Microsoft made the new MDT2013 Update 1 preview available. Please note this is pre-release software think “Windows 10 insider program” meaning its being made available and might have some kinks, or get new features closer to release. So test this in lab environments only.

You can get more information Here and Here. Note SCCM integration is not yet supported! and it requires the Windows ADK for Technical preview.

I will be testing it in my lab the next couple of days to deploy Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Get the MDT 2013 Update 1 Preview from the Connect Download Portal.

Keeping on deploying !


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Managing your Office365 Directory with Azure AD

Identity and access is big business right now and hot topics especially with everybody moving to the cloud with Office365. Behind all Microsoft Cloud services lies Azure AD and you can use the Azure management portal to manage your Office365 user objects / directory.

I have documented the steps briefly to show you how easy it is to associate your Office365 AD to your Azure subscription so you can Manage the Active Directory via the Azure AD management portal.

The first step is to sign in with your Azure Subscription account.

Step0.1 SignUp or in

Click New, browse thru App Services, Active Directory, Directory and select Custom Create


Select  Use existing directory in the dropdown box. Check ready to sign out and approve the selection.


Sign in using your Office365 admin credentials.


You are presented with the information that your Microsoft account will be made a global administrator in your Office365 subscription. Click on continue.


After the linking the subscriptions click on sign out.


Now Sign in again with your Microsoft account. First Select use another account.


It takes you to the Microsoft Account landing page to login.


You might get this next screen after logging into Azure. I suspect the applications need a time to sync with the Azure subscription. So just logout and wait awhile and later login using your Microsoft account for your Azure subscription.


Once logged back into the Azure portal it will finally display the Office365 Directory type listed under your Azure items.


Going to your Active Directory items lists the Office365 Directory along with the default directory used for Azure


Now you can manage your Office365 Active Directory using the Azure Active Directory management portal. Where you could create custom branding for your login experience on your landing page for your Office365 users.


See its that easy to manage your Office365 from within the Azure AD management portal and modify your domain / directory information.

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Using a Cloud Identity to logon to Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to utilize different sign-in capabilities, already last year Michael Niehaus presented on the subject at TechEd Europe. I have waited in fact waited so long I forgot about it, as it wasn’t in the initial Windows10 build that was available.  Luckily this feature was released in the last Windows 10 build 9926. I must add its in a bad location I looked for it and only during a conference call with Michael, that he told me where to find it. I do believe it should be located somewhere else, included as a button where you would find the normal Domain join option. Note ! the Connect to Cloud option is not available in the Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview!

I have added the functionality to one of my machines and list the steps in the following screenshots. The first step is to go to Settings , select System ,then scroll down to About on that screen you get the Connect to Cloud option. Clicking on Connect to Cloud gives you the following window (cloud experience host)


Enter your Azure / Cloud Identity I used my Azure Identity that comes with Windows Intune it already has accounts with Device Registration enabled if using Azure AD you would have to enable Device Registration / Workplace join for your/the account/s .Signing in performs the device enrolment.

cloud4 - 2 again

Sign out or do a restart and you will notice the sign-in username of the Azure Identity.

cloud5 logon

You will be asked to create a Pin for use with apps and services.

cloud6 create pin

Displaying the About option in System settings. The domain join and Cloud join options are removed.


Opening a command window and running set shows the AzureAD logon server being used along with the new profile created on the machine for the account.


Your Account information in Settings, Accounts also displays the Azure Identity credentials as being used.


App and Website accounts display the AAD Token plugin using the specific Azure AD Identity account.


I then followed thru by connecting to a workplace I used the same Windows Intune account but this could be any other Workplace account.


Enter the credentials


Approve \ confirm the connection to the workplace required as you will be allowing certain policies to be applied to your device.


Confirmation once connected.


Showing the Workplace credentials


Again the Azure Identity Credentials along with my Microsoft Account Identity I can use to sign-in to this Windows 10 computer.


I’m really excited with this functionality as it will allow single sign on to apps / websites and other Workloads and applications running or utilizing an azure identity.

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Features included in the new Windows ADK for Windows 10

The features included in the new Windows ADK

Application Compatibility Toolkit : Test application compatibility

Deployment Tools : To deploy windows images

Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE): Winpe environment for deployment

User State Migration Tool (USMT): To migrate user data

Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT): Volume activation of windows installations

Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT): Analysis of performance data / troubleshooting

Windows Assessment Toolkit: Running assessments and reporting

Windows Assessment Services: Application to remotely manage assessments

Once you have it installed have a look at this location it contains the help file documentation :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Docs









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Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 10 TP Released

Just out the latest Windows ADK has been released for the new version of Windows 10 technical preview build 9926. Now we can test deployments of Windows 10 using MDT 2013 without hacks like these see @jarwidmark post:http://www.deploymentresearch.com/Research/tabid/62/EntryId/223/Create-a-Windows-10-reference-image-using-MDT-2013.aspx on his website.

You can get the download from Microsoft.

Here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-s/download/details.aspx?id=45522

The install steps when running the setup.exe.

Screenshot (48)

Screenshot (49)

Screenshot (50)

Screenshot (51)

Screenshot (52)

Screenshot (53)


After downloading almost 6gigs I’m set to see what’s new in this version of the ADK. Happy downloading and deploying.

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Microsoft Ignite the Session Catalog and why I want to be there.

We are just over 3 months away from what will be the biggest Microsoft event this year. The combination of TechEd ,and all the other conferences now known as Microsoft Ignite is expected to draw well over ten thousand attendee’s, some believe that number to be much higher. I am excited! It’s a new concept and rumors have it, it will be big, not just size but in content and Microsoft is going all-in. I mean Satya Nadella is going to be there! The most inspiring person at Microsoft right now.

Ignite Spark

The content catalog for Microsoft Ignite has just also been released this morning and it lists a multitude of sessions. I’m still holding thumbs they call me up to present a session. Either way I will be there doing my thing and assisting in some form or another. There will be more sessions and labs added with the coming months. I like the way they are listing the different technologies in their different categories it gives a good oversight of what to expect and look forward too. When you choose your sessions try and checkout the stuff you don’t know that you use in your daily work. Sometimes these sessions make a big difference in helping you understand stuff. Also stretch yourself a bit by attending a session that might inspire you or stuff you can go and talk about back at the office that might assist a co-worker. The Dutch company I work for OGD often sends a bunch of guys each year and afterwards we have a best of the conference evening where we do sessions and talk about the stuff we learned. (Samen Slimmer , always paying it forward!)

Ignite sessions

Have a look at the featured speaker list and look at the big names already signed up to speak at this conference. Don’t forget to prep your questions for these guys I know you have some J there will probably be a few book signings as well by some of them. Here’s another tip make sure to attend my buddy Sami Laiho’s session he always shows you stuff you don’t know that you wish you knew.

So besides awesome sessions’ and great speakers, I’m really looking forward to the networking events and just to see some of my techie, geek friends again from all over the world including the guys from #TheKrewe. At a large conference like this the who’s who of the Microsoft IT World will all be there, so don’t miss out on this chance of a life time to meet up with guy’s you either met over twitter or guys who’s blog maybe helped you out with an issue. I always say thanks to these guys personally and let them know what a big difference they make just by blogging about technologies and the stuff they know.

Ignite Connect

This year lists 17 pre-day sessions to choose from ranging from security, deployment, Mobility SQL and many other categories have a look in the session catalog. These cost a bit extra but are well worth the price if you looking at what you’re getting out of it. It’s a full day of extra training which you can use immediately back at the office.

Participate in the #IgniteJam tweetchat 9:00 AM PT on 3 February you can use http://twubs.com/ignitejam for easier real time interaction follow @MS_Ignite and the #IgnightJam hashtag.

Keep a lookout for me at Ignite and say Hi!  I’ll be the guy in YellowPants! #TechEdYellowPantsTeam follow me on Twitter @Microspecialist.



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Windows 10 Build 9926 Windows update Advanced options

After the latest update for Windows 10 (KB3035129) some people reported that their computers were trying to download new Update Build’s 9932 / 9931 as seen on this post by Brad Sams.

 I clicked on advanced options today and discovered new options after that update. Where you can select Fast or Slow track and a branch to download from (currently only fbl_awesome1501) will they maybe let you specify which continent to download from in future ? who knows ? Have a look at the screenshot.

Windows 10 Preview builds

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Windows 10 Build 9926 Remove Rollback option

Upgrading to Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 10 build 9926 allows you to roll back to your previous version of Windows. If for some reason you need to revert back to your previous installation that process is as simple as running windows disk cleanup and selecting cleanup system files. This will however remove the ability to rollback to your previous state so make sure you want to do this!! also removing the files does not remove the Rollback option from the boot menu.

New boot menu


Boot Menu

Run Disk Cleanup (System & Security, Administrative tools, Free up disk space)

System Cleanup

Select cleanup system files

system cleanup2

Select all or  Previous Windows installation, Temp windows install files, windows upgrade log files.

system cleanup3

Click ok and watch as it removes these files.

system cleanup4

file removal process (disk cleanup)

system cleanup5

When you restart after this process and select Windows Rollback you will get the following error.

Recovery Fails

Removing Windows Rollback from boot entry is as simple as running

bcdedit /timeout 0  in an Administrative, cmd window. You can also run msconfig.exe and remove the Windows rollback entry.


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IE11 crashes when viewing video on Windows10 Surface Pro3 with build 9926

If like me you were scratching your head trying to figure out this problem of internet explorer crashing when trying to watch embedded video’s or video on youtube.com. The fix was pretty simple.

The problem would display as in the figure below.

IE Crash

The simple solution is as simple as selecting the following setting in Internet Options, Advanced Settings.

Advanced Internet Options

This is a temporary workaround as the guys at Microsoft has assured they will be releasing a new display driver sometime soon.




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Creating a Windows To Go stick: Windows 10 Build 9926

The ability to create your very own Windows to go stick is still possible in the latest edition of Windows 10. The Windows To Go Creator Wizard is still included to allow you to create a Windows to go workspace on a USB stick.

Check this link to a Technet article on creating a Windows to go workspace : http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/6991.windows-to-go-step-by-step.aspx

Windows to go creator wizard.


As you can see it still looks the same will be creating a new Windows to go workspace with this new build 9926 soon.

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Windows To Go still Windows No Go: Updating Windows10 to Build 9926

I always have a stick running windows to go as a backup for just incase my production laptop for demo’s or my SurfacePro3 decides to crash. I also use it in my Windows to go demo’s and other presentations when I need a third “safe” installation.

Now even though I know it shouldn’t work as it hasn’t been possible to update a running copy of Windows to go manually. I still tried to update my Windows to go stick running Windows 10 build 9841 to Windows 10 build 9926.

I tried running the setup from an iso and also pc settings but still get the same result see my screenshots. I hope Microsoft releases a tool or some other way of making it easier to update your existing Windows to go sticks running previous versions of windows.

PC Settings

WinNoGoIf one of you know of an easy way this is somehow possible let me know ping me on twitter : @Microspecialist.

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Windows 10 build 9926 Start Menu

The latest reincarnation of the start menu has a new feature you can resize it to full screen a lot like the start menu in Windows 8/ 8.1. I have never been a fan of the return of the start menu but I have seen its need resurface and it does make sense to bring it back.

startmenuClicking on the windows start button brings up the start menu clicking on the resize button indicated by the black arrow will resize it to full screen allowing you to see all your pinned apps.

Fullscreen startmenuYou can scroll through your menu seeing all your app categories. Clicking on the resize button will size your start menu back to its original size.


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New Windows 10 Clock & Calendar view

Not sure who first leaked this info but there seems to be a few new hacks / views built into Windows 10. How to enable the new Calendar and Clock view so you can go from this:

Old clock

To this new app looking Calendar & Clock view.

Clock CalenderTo enable this view :

1. Open the registry : Regedit.exe ( Must Have administrator access)

2 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell

3: Add a new DWORD UseWin32TrayClockExperience (as seen / one word)


When you click on the date and time on the task bar you will get the new calendar view. It seems that all windows will have a new app like view a taste of things to come when Windows 10 goes to the mobile platform? perhaps?



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Windows Update in Windows 10 Build 9926

One of the first things I do after installing an operating system is running windows update to check for any new software & defender updates. With the new build 9926 Microsoft has removed the Windows update from control panel.

control panelIn windows 10 build 9926 windows update is now found exclusively in the new Settings app window.

Windows update settingsRunning wuapp from command line will bring up the same Windows Update App found in Settings.

run wuapp

The new location for checking for windows updates now listed under Update & Recovery.

wuappI’m currently playing around with a written powershell module to get updates directly using powershell. Happy updating!

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Setup options for Windows 10 Build 9926

If like me you sometimes need to configure setup with certain switches (to not restart) or some other reason. there are a number of conditions you can set using the setup.exe see graphic below:

Setup options Windows 10

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Windows 10 technical preview build 9926 available in 25 languages

Some of my Finnish , Swedish, Arabic and Dutch friends should be happy with this latest addition in build 9926 of Windows 10. It is now available in 25 languages. In this build they added the following 21 languages:

•French (Canada)
•Spanish (Latin America)
•Traditional Chinese
•Vietnamese (Language Interface Pack)
•Catalan (Language Interface Pack)
•Hindi (Language Interface Pack)

Happy working or playing with Windows 10 or whatever you use it for in your native language. I will be trying out the Dutch language version soon.

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Upgrading my Surface pro 3 to Windows 10 Build 9926

Yesterday afternoon 23 Feb 2015 twitterchatter by Gabe Aul and Joey Belfiori teasing about a new build on twitter set off a download storm …as usual 🙂 they announced the download availability of the latest Technical Preview of Windows 10 build 9926. I was on Europe time early evening and already had plans for a night out so I remotely started a download so that my iso would be waiting for me when I got home.

Early saturday morning I switched on my Surface pro 3 and started the upgrade install. I held off installing early builds on my surface as I wanted a more stable feature rich version of Windows10 to run, before I heard conflicting reports on stability and issues with Windows10 on Surface.

The installation screen shots:  
Screenshot (3) The Usual license terms. Screenshot (4)   Screenshot (5). Screenshot (6) Some information on the installation and the option to change certain upgrade items. Screenshot (7) The installation restarts showing a boot menu with 2 options to either continue with Technical Preview or roll back to previous Windows it then finalizes the upgrade by installing your apps after login. My came back with my picture password and all my other settings.


My Windows 10 desktop.


The new settings window

I also downloaded the Surface Pro 3 drivers pack from Microsoft and installed those and had a restart before running windows update to get any newer updates. So far so good everything seems to be working fine and the upgrade install went smoothly.

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Latest Windows 10 News – “Windows this time its personal !”

Amazing news announced yesterday by Microsoft I am excited and can’t wait to get my hands on the new devices and software. Windows 10 a free upgrade for many users of Windows. The new Windows platform will also be available on phones.

First the latest in what’s new for Windows 10 in the new build 9924 as shown by Joe Belfiore.

Full screen start menu

Continuum – switch automatically from tablet mode to laptop / desktop mode. Apps and windows automatically size and change behavior based on best user experience.

Cortana – now available on the pc / desktop. Works same as on phone giving you a personal response. Speak and type commands.

OneDrive once again plays a central role in synchronizing data across your different devices running Windows 10.

More built in suit of apps running across devices
Xbox App – Xbox one features and games available on pc!
Maps App
Photos app
A new Browser App (Project Spartan) built with a new browsing engine and user interface. Providing a faster more enjoyable browsing experience.
Power of Cortana integrated in the new browser.


Then the Wow came in the form of HoloLens – Holographic computing / gaming / new way of business. Using your immediate environment combined with holograms. How awesome will that be when we finally get to play around with it ourselves? don’t know, but really impressive thus far! Promises “as real digital content as your physical objects in the room”


Another device shown was the all new SurfaceHub an 84 inch digital 4K display / computer / collaboration tool with a whiteboard app. It works with touch / stylus pen. It includes features as cameras, speakers, microphones, Bluetooth, NFC. This new device runs Windows 10 and will be available in the near future.

Exciting times ahead for all of us !

WIndows10 Devices

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Microsoft MVP 2015 Award

Once again my year started off on a good note with a wonderful email from Microsoft. To top it off I was in my home city of Cape Town South Africa on the beach in the hot sun when I got this message.

MVP Award 2015

It is not only an honor but a privilege to be able to call myself a Microsoft MVP for another year. I am grateful to all the support and assistance from my friends , family my employer OGD for giving me the space to do be able to do certain things and my MVP Lead William Jansen.

I had a really, really wonderful 2014, business wise and in the IT arena with all the community work and events. I met a lot of awesome people too many to name, in sessions and in the industry that I learned from, both personal and technical perspectives Thank You.

There are many things already planned for me in 2015 see you at an event this year!

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TechEd Europe 2014 Day One Recap!

The Day officially started when Jason Zander Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure and Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of PC, Tablet and Phone, Operating Systems Group walked on stage to do the keynote maintaining Microsoft’s vision of cloud first mobile first!

The Cloud, new ways of productivity and a lot of new announcements were made! Jason Zander talked about new form factors and different devices and the immense explosion of all the devices in the way we live today. Along with all the data and management that comes along with all these devices.

Internet of things, mobile first the individual users experience of using the devices and the utilization / requirement of the cloud for these mobile experiences.

He hinted at Cortana and a new type of intelligence where Cortana would evaluate different kinds of data without being asked to calculate scenarios but being aware of different situation he gave a good example of Cortana checking traffic while being on the way to a meeting looking at data about him arriving late based on traffic information.

Joe Belfiore came on stage demonstrating the immense changes in the Windows platform. He showed Microsoft was listening to their customers wishes and requirements. The new feature being able to utilize copy and past in the command window. Snap mode within Windows 10 multiple monitor support. Multiple finger support on the touch pad so a better touch experience.

Microsoft’s main mission with Windows 10:

A Converged windows platform
A product people will love to use
Protection against modern security threats
Managed for continues innovation.

Afterwards the keynote went further focused on Azure, the modern datacenter and identity, Office365 features. After the keynote the foundational sessions started where the content went further into detail on some of these new features and functionality.

It was a long and busy but great experience overall. To see a full list of the content catalog and you can download a full session schedule! Here

follow me on twitter for a more interactive information on teched europe: @Microspecialist or the Teched Europe 2014 hashtags #TEE14 #TEE14COMMUNITY

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TEE14 Community Reporter

This year in addition to staffing at TechEd Europe as an MCT Ambassador. I was also asked if I could assist in reporting on TechEd Europe activities, sessions, social events in and around TEE14… well everything really that has to do with TechEd Europe.

So if you can’t make it but you have a very specific technical / question let me know and I will ask either the Teched Europe management team or Speaker of your choice if its geared towards a specific Microsoft Technology.

So follow me on Twitter: @Microspecialist and follow these hashtags! #TEE14 #TEE14Community #TechEdYellowPantsTeam


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TechEd Ready Steady Go! Europe Edition

I’m excited, I’m slightly stressed, I’m like a kid that can’t sleep on Christmas eve, I can’t wait to get to Barcelona but somehow the work gods are expecting me to sort through a ton of work before my flight on Thursday, fear not! I won’t miss my flight and all the work will get done! as always.

On Thursday 23rd Oct I will be jetting off to Barcelona to Hesperia Towers a bit early for TechEd Europe you might say but no I will be attending and speaking at E2EVC (http://www.e2evc.com/home/) The Experts 2 Experts Virtualization conference. It’s probably the best community conference out there for and by the community run by Alex Juschin, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP @E2EVC who also happens to be an awesome guy. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to organize a few of these conferences each year.

I will be doing a session on User Workspace Management and it’s a privilege to be able to share some of my knowledge with experts in Microsoft , Citrix , VmWare and other hardware & software technologies. Infact most of the Microsoft MVP’s speaking at this conference will also be at TechEd Europe the following week so it just made sense to have it in conjunction with #TEE14. It runs from 24 -26 Oct 2014.  


So Sunday night the magic and fun kicks off for TechEd Europe this edition might just be the last as Microsoft changed the name and combined a whole bunch of events into one major event for North America in 2015 named Microsoft Ignite to be held May 4–8, 2015 Chicago, IL but back to now. TechEd Europe is THE Microsoft event for European IT Pro’s and Dev’s in the Microsoft Arena.

Follow me for up to the minute updates on TEE14 What’s happening, best sessions, events and just about everything I see or experience during TechEd from Sunday till Friday 31 October. I will be making myself available as a #TEE14  

Some events to attend ! Sunday 26 Oct #TheKrewe Meet n Greet thanks to the great support of Thycotic and Vision Solutions; If you are in Barcelona on Sunday evening, make sure you sign up for this great party ! http://thekrewemng.eventbrite.com

 TechEdYellowPantsTeam Party with Savision on Thursday Oct 31st http://www.savision.com/yellowpants

Follow #TechEdYellowPantsTeam http://www.techedyellowpantsteam.com

Not to miss links and tips!

Watch the TechEd Countdown videos by Joey Snow and Rick Claus Just love how they pronounce my name in the last show J : http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/The-Countdown-Show/#fbid=

Check out the TechEd session agenda and build your schedules ! http://europe.msteched.com/Agenda#fbid=-zS7iLThE8f, with detailed sessions here : http://teeu2014.eventpoint.com/topic/list

Participate in the TechEd Europe Forums on Channel 9 : http://channel9.msdn.com/Forums/TechEdEU#fbid=-zS7iLThE8f

Country Drinks Event at the beachfront on Wednesday, as well as the other community events after a days sessions during the week : http://europe.msteched.com/Community#fbid=-zS7iLThE8f

twitter : @teched_europe, #TEE14, #TEE14Community, #TheKrewe, @techedyellowpantsteam, @pdtit, @Microspecialist

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/techedeurope http://www.facebook.com/techedyellowpantsteam

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions follow this link http://aka.ms/tee14faq Nothing left to say but see you in Barcelona !

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Windows 10 Activation Bug

It has come to my attention that there seems to be an issue sometimes with Windows10 asking to be activated(which it shouldn’t be doing) I think it might be due to Enterprise copy trying to retain the KMS connection in the build.

To resolve this issue :

I used slmgr.vbs to license a copy that requested activation (that silly irritating watermark) showing up.

Open a Windows Administrator Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell in Admin mode.

slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx being your key provided by tech preview blog on download page.

followed by this command

slmgr.vbs -ato

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Another year as MCT Regional Lead of the Netherlands

This morning I just received an email stating my reinstatement as the MCT Regional Lead for The Netherlands for another year.

“Dear Adnan,

Each year we take stock of the Regional Lead Program, work to make sure we are well represented geographically and across technical specialties and also that our current Regional Leads are still interested and engaged in the program. We would like to welcome you back to the Regional Lead Program”

I am once again honored to do all I can to assist Microsoft and my fellow MCT’s around the World and especially in The Netherlands. Over the past year I have enjoyed my time representing and working with Microsoft Learning! Especially cooperation with the Senior MCT Program Manager from Microsoft. I am looking forward to additional ways to leverage my reach to support and strengthen the MCT program.

If any of you reading this post are also MCT’s, and have questions on the Regional Lead program, or MCT program feel free to get in contact with me for additional explanations and what you can do for the MCT community!

Looking forward to The MCT Regional Lead meeting during the MCT Summit NA to be held on 15 – 19 Sept 2014. I will also deliver a session at the MCT Summit NA along with fellow MCT and Regional Lead for Belgium Peter De Tender (Twitter:@PDTIT).


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Microsoft TechEd Europe 2014 RoundTable

Monday morning I will be jetting off to Barcelona for 2 days not just to enjoy some Spanish sun but to join the TechEd 2014 roundtable group in discussions on how we can make TechEd 2014 happening in Barcelona later this year in October more awesome.

If you still don’t know what TechEd Europe is all about, let me recap in a nutshell. It is the largest Microsoft conference in Europe! IT Pro’s and Developers come from all over Europe and the rest of the World to learn all about Microsoft Technologies over the space of 1 week. Have a look on Channel 9 at the type of sessions you can expect to attend in person at this event, that’s last years selection. TechEd Europe is also generally where new announcements are made if going on products released in previous year’s.

Some of the awesome people joining me on this trip is my buddy and fellow #TechEdYellowPantsTeam member Peter De Tender  Like us on Facebook ! and about 8 other IT Pro’s / Developers that all have an affinity with TechEd ! Last but not least we get to hang out with my friends Rick Claus and Joey Snow Technical Evangelists of Microsoft. that Joey is also an awesome DJ! I cant wait to see the countdown shows for TEE14 and see what they have in store for us this time around.

I know the immense value TechEd has brought me attending over the years.  If I can express that in one sentence it would be the fact that it’s so much more than 4 days of technical sessions 5 if you count the Pre-con day (Pre-Conference Seminars) the networking opportunity is invaluable being able to talk directly to the different  Microsoft Product Teams ,Speakers and (MVP) Experts. Many a time somebody helped me with one of my technical issues happened right there at TechEd!

So if YOU yes YOU reading this post do have any questions or suggestions as to how TechEd can be improved or something about a past experience that happened let me know via twitter . I can forward that to the right people planning on making this the best TechEd Europe yet! and don’t forget that Registration with the early bird discount is still valid for the next month till 7 July!

Hoping to see you all there! I’ll be there with my Yellow Pants!






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User Experience Virtualization 2.1 Beta

User experience virtualization or Workspace virtualization is a topic I frequently speak about at conferences all over the world. One which I believe is vital in todays multi device, user centric work style. Having the same work style experience syncing your settings across all your windows devices (tablets, laptops and desktops or VDI ).

I’ve blogged on this subject before last time on Mitch Tulloch’s WServerNews Blog and newsletter click Here!

Recently the new User Experience Virtualization 2.1 Beta was released this new version builds on the previous offerings by adding support for Microsoft Office 2013 now shipped with the agent to be able to personalize 1500 office 2013 settings and Office 365.

Further improvements include support for credential manager and certificate settings. Windows store and app sync experience improvements more Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 settings roaming. Lastly backup and restore support.

I am really glad to see more good work has been done in MDOP products. Try the Beta download  User Experience Virtualization 2.1 Beta




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My Post TechEdNA 2014 Review

Better late than never stopping over 6 time zones later to get this finally online.


These past few weeks have been filled with excitement and immense learning opportunities and networking moments. I attended Microsoft’s TechEd in Houston Texas held during 12 – 15 May all thanks to my company OGD and Microsoft for allowing me to help out the Windows Client team in the tech expo at the mobility booth.

I love the buzz of TechEd in fact I’m hooked! I can’t see myself not attending! Along with fellow MVP Peter De Tender we’ve even rebranded ourselves the #TechEdYellowPantsTeam after Microsoft employees running the Microsoft Learning Experience noticed us last year accidently yes! by chance both wearing yellow pants on the same days. Since we already do a lot of community work together hosting events, speaking sessions and are good friends we just started doing it to make us more approachable during the masses.


We like to create excitement about the TechEd experience before and during the event by doing some social community events and helping out with any questions attendees might have both of a technical nature , certification or just about anything really.

I mainly assisted the Microsoft Windows team in the Mobility Booth in the Tech Expo demo’ing the power of mobility with Windows ,Phone and Devices. brings to the enterprise with things such as Windows to go, Windows phone 8.1 and using a tablet. How all the built in features allow people to have access to all their data and settings across the different devices and being able to work anywhere on any device enabling that rich user experience. I also attended the Ask The Experts as a Windows Expert IT-Pro MVP, I was on hand to answer any technical questions attendees had during the evening and also just to socialise and chat with all the different attendees from all over the world.

The Keynote revealed a lot of new features with Azure and Microsoft Cloud services such as Office365. It’s always a pleasure watching Brad Anderson speak. Other highlights included personally chatting to many of the TechEd speakers some I regard as friends.

The key message pointed out were the benefits to moving to Azure. “The cloud can add value to everything that you do” Brad Anderson

Keynote recording can be watched here:


Key New Improvements :

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute , Microsoft Azure Files – Azure storage,  Azure API Management, New Virtual Machine Sizes (A8/A9), Azure Site Recovery, Azure RemoteApp.


For the rest there were excellent breakout sessions in Deployment, Server 2012 R2 features and functionality, System Center as always and Windows features and Security. One of my favourite sessions this year was by Sami Laiho Windows 8.1 Blackbelt troubleshooting including How to Build a Bulletproof Bitlocker which was also a good one.

All sessions can be viewed on Channel 9 as on-demand recordings are available and downloadable PowerPoint slides at: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2014

There are a select number of Hands-on Labs also available at: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2014

Become a TechEd Insider and get regular updates on TechEd , by subscribing to the TechEd Newsletter.

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Next Event E2EVC

So just 12 days before the craziness starts from 12 – 15 May its TechEd Week in Houston my craziness starts on the 8th May already I will be heading to Houston then taking a quick 2 day stop in LA before heading back to Houston for TechEd.

So why go to LA? For E2EVC of course it is the first time the Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference hits the United States held on 9 – 10 May. It has a great line up of speakers and it is one of those Independent conferences where you get everybody Microsoft Experts, Citrix CTP’s, VMware Professionals and the other Vendor Experts giving their independent views on Implementation, Management and other solutions on the different products out there.

E2EVC is held at the Radisson hotel at LAX so no rush for me to get back to Houston in time.

There might still be opportunity to REGISTER for E2EVC if you are out in LA area or can make it. For those in Europe E2EVC will be held in Brussels in June check the website.

Follow @E2EVC on twitter for regular updates by my friend Alex Juschin  

See you all soon!

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Speaking at Briforum London 2014

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Briforum in London yes the 10th occurrence of this event for the past ten years in London I think it’s quite a milestone. It also proves that the organizers are doing great work and providing quality IT offerings to the international community. This years event will be held on 20-21 May 2014.


Once again I have the opportunity to speak at this conference along with great International speakers.I believe it is always the invaluable independent content that makes this conference unique. Content is certainly why I choose conferences I personally attend.

“So, why BriForum? BriForum is the only independent conference of its kind to provide a vendor-neutral perspective on current and emerging technologies and services in today’s marketplace. Navigating through the data, the devices, and the details (not to mention the vendor-hype) can be a challenge to even the most experienced IT pro, never mind an organization that is just getting its feet wet in the virtualization market. At BriForum we lay it all out for you, whether you’ve been down this road before or you’re just beginning your journey.” That my friends is certainly true! I am already looking forward to the sessions I will be attending.


I will be delivering two sessions “Death to XP! Deploying the New Desktop OS Windows 8.1” and “Virtualising the User Workspace” 2 sessions that build on each other. Click Here!

So if you haven’t already registered … there is still time to do so on Briforum Website! See you all there!


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Speaking at TechFuse 2014 in Minneapolis

I’ll be speaking at TechFuse Conference in Minneapolis the 7th annual TechFuse conference initiative of Benchmark Learning http://www.benchmarklearning.com . I will be presenting on Deploying Office 365 Pro Plus and Rethinking Application Delivery. I’ll be there along with other great tech speakers Paula Januszkiewicz and Peter De Tender (my other half in the #TechEdYellowPantsTeam) See the full list of speakers on www.techfusemn.com

Looking forward to my first time in Minneapolis and Minnesota for that matter. Hope to see you all there!

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CeBIT 2014 Hannover Germany

I was privileged enough to attend CeBIT in Hannover, Germany this past week compliments of my employer OGD ICT-Diensten in Delft and Hannover Consultancy B.V. for the sponsored entrance tickets. I visited the Messe with 3 other colleagues including fellow MVP, Sander Berkouwer (Directory Services). In a one-liner the Expo was amazing!

WP_20140312_014 WP_20140312_011

My main goal of attending was to gain insight in all the technology trends and innovations happening around the world and new technological inventions.

I think the best part of my visit was shaking someone’s robotic hand from Touch Bionics a women who had on a prosthetic arm and hand has now almost fully functionality in her daily life with this wearable technology. She showed how there was an app running on her mobile / iPod containing more than 50 hand positions connected to the robotic arm via Bluetooth  to adjust the hand position, She also showed implants she had in her upper in combination with her own upper arm muscle twitches and what combination of arm and hand movements could be performed.
WP_20140312_046 WP_20140312_028
Overall there were many Robotics on display but the medical functionality was by far the most impressive to me after just having seen the movie Robocop a few weeks ago. I can say we are getting closer and closer to the bionic man.

WP_20140312_036 WP_20140312_051 WP_20140312_033

On the Information Technology arena Microsoft had an enormous presence at CeBIT with huge floor space. The best part for me was the IT Pro Academy stage where fellow MVP’s and Microsoft staff presented technical sessions on Azure, Cloud, BIG Data, Virtualization, Remote Desktop Services, mobility and social business and more.

WP_20140312_013 WP_20140312_010

Another major trend is the internet of things where just about any device even farm equipment, cars etc. are accessible via the Cloud. Read more on Microsoft’s own blog click here.

Lots of innovations in Farming, Education, Business, Fitness and many more industries even drones.

I even spotted a computer still running Windows XP!

WP_20140312_021 WP_20140312_024 WP_20140312_057 WP_20140312_041

I had a great informative and inspiring learning experience visiting CeBIT and already planning on attending next year. For more in-depth listing of what was on display and presented at CEBIT go to the official website and click Here!

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XP End Of Life Celebration

The end of the road is approaching for Windows XP. Microsoft will no longer support this operating system after 8 April 2014.With that said I’m excited to announce our Microsoft STEP event to be held in the exotic location Hof Ten As in Belgium. This event is a celebration of what’s been a long successful lifespan of Windows XP. At this event we will showcase what’s next. Learn how to migrate off Windows XP in an easy no fuss way to Windows 8.1.
See how Windows 8.1 can empower your users and business with its new functionality and features. See how your Infrastructure will be more secured. This day will be more than just deploying Windows 8.1 You will learn how to customize the user interface to suit your needs! don’t like the start screen interface? no problem! especially if you just need the desktop. Learn how to best deploy or use your applications and application settings. See how optimizing your application delivery can speed up productivity and mobility of your users.

At this event we also discuss the latest Server operating system Server 2012 R2 to awe you with some of the features sure to improve any business IT Infrastructure and needs. Interested in BYOD ? We will show you how you could access company resources from any Windows 8.1 device without it being domain joined.
Lots of Technical content will be onboard on this day proudly backed and sponsored by Microsoft. I will be co presenting with fellow MVP Peter De Tender IT Pro from Belgium.

To register for the event click Here

To see our official website for this event Click Here

Don’t let the ramifications of the “end of life” for your systems impact your business TAKE CONTROL! Move forward to ensure that your organization stays protected while meeting all of its compliance requirements.Make the choice! stay ahead!


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Attending Cloud OS MVP Roadshow

I will be attending the Cloud OS MVP Roadshow hosted by Sander Berkouwer MVP Directory Services on this Friday 7 March 2014 at Microsoft Offices Schiphol. This event is all about Microsoft’s vision called the Cloud OS consisting of the following products Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Still time to register Click Here.

All presentations will be delivered by Dutch speaking MVP’s.

Cloud OS MVP Roadshow

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WMUGNL 12 February 2014

The WMUGNL (Windows Management User Group Netherlands) will be hosting our next live event on the 12 February 2014. This evening will be all about monitoring mainly the use of System Center Operations Manager.

Our evening will be hosted by VXComany in Baarn. They have always done a super job hosting meetings in the past. Our speaker list includes PFE Stefan Stranger (@sstranger) of Microsoft NL , Dieter Wijckmans (@DieterWijckmans) a Belgian SCOM expert and SCUJedi !! and lastly one of our favorite sponsors co-founder Dennis Rietvink from SAVISION.

See the full agenda Here at WMUGNL

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Windows 8.1 Update 01 Leaked Improvements

Ok so this post is not about the fact that it has leaked but more what can be expected. My colleague and fellow MVP Sander Berkouwer blogged about some features here:


ImageSignificant changes which looks like it will appeal to end users “normal enterprise windows consumers” and I speculate that this is the market that this update needs to impress. As much as I loved Windows 8 and its new look I am still happy with Windows 8.1! some features that stand out to me that indeed are meaningful improvements are :

Apps can Pin to Taskbar so be run in desktop mode

Power Options button on start screen for Shutdown or Restart.

A Search icon on the start screen

Title Bar for Apps with minimize and close icons in top right corner. The mouse pointer also doesn’t turn into a hand pointer/icon to close the app by click + dragging down

A new enterprise mode in internet explorer

Many functional changes may still occur before the final release version which should be due sometime April as rumored by Microsoft-watcher Mary Jo Foley.

I am really keen to get my hands on the update when it finally gets released! I’m sure lots of cool features will be included and those that were not so happy with Microsoft and its new vision of the future Windows client OS will be feeling happier too.

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TechEd Europe Dates Announced !!

Microsoft finally released the long awaited date for TechEd Europe. It will be in Barcelona from 27-31 October 2014 at the FIRA Barcelona venue. Rumors were that it would be held either in Barcelona or Amsterdam. I am glad that we are at least having a TechEd in Europe this year, it’s the largest conference event for IT Pro’s and developers held annually, and it would be a shame to not have this type of event in future as rumored it’s to be the last ( I doubt that !! )

I will be attending and hopefully assisting in some way or the other at the event. This IT Pro will be looking forward to TechEd Europe as always this year.

Link to the website : Here


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2014 Off to a good start

My year got off to a great start after spending the quietest New Years Eve ever. I got Awarded with an Windows Expert-IT Pro MVP Award from Microsoft on 1 Jan 2014. More on the MVP program here http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/overview.aspx.

MVP Award

This award means a lot to me (extremely honored Thank You Microsoft and whoever nominated me). It’s nice to be part of a great community of IT Professionals who all share their expertise with the rest of world.

Looking forward to lots of incredibly awesome IT events this year!

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Latest Member of the Springboard Series Technical Experts Panel (STEP Program)

I am excited to announce that I have been selected as the latest member of the Springboard Technical Expert Program (STEP).

“Congratulations and welcome to the Springboard Technical Expert Program (STEP). You have been identified as one of the top IT pro influencers in the world due to your knowledge and impact on the IT pro community around Microsoft technologies.”

Click on the links to learn more about the Springboard & STEP!


The Springboard Series is basically a community of experts that help evangelize, deploy and maintain Windows Client Technologies, Office, MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack), Desktop Virtualization, and Internet Explorer. I am really excited to be a part of STEP and consider this as a wonderful platform to help evangelize Microsoft Technologies.

I would like to extend my  thanks to Ben Hunter, Tony Mann & Stephen Rose for their valuable support and consideration in helping me to be a part of the STEP program.

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Installing WSUS on Server 2012 Step by Step

Here’s my step by step account of installing WSUS on a member server in your domain. I understand that it can be a bit buggy sometimes installing this Role on a server due to account restrictions during the role creation especially when creating the database. This method is my simple way of creating the WSUS database on a remote SQL server usually a highly available SQL cluster used for management of infrastructure separate from the Production / Application databases.




Select Windows Server Update Services

Click add features


You do not require any other extra features for this role so just click next.


Deselect WID database Only Select the bottom two WSUS Services and Database

Select Store updates in following location (I always pre-create this folder on a drive with enough space to store the content) enter the location to your content folder.

Enter the name and instance of your Database server and test the connection.


The defaults are fine so just click next.

On the confirmation page just click next.



Once the role is installed you have to finish some configuration tasks. This is where you can find yourself scratching your head why isn’t it continuing successfully. My tip is to go to this location C:\Program Files\Update Services\AdministrationSnapin and startup the WSUS.msc

Here you can re-enter the SQL Server name and instance of your database server for WSUS to go and create the database on. Also add the path where you would like to store the content for WSUS. Click on Run!

WSUS should now have successfully created your database and startup the wsus console.



Leave the sync with Microsoft update option and click next.

If you require a Proxy server for access to internet you can enter the details here. I didn’t so I just clicked next.

Click on Start Connecting to start up your connection to Microsoft Update.



Here you can select an extra language to support if you require a specific language for the software you installed.

Choose the products for which you want updates you can always update this list if you forget something.

Now choose the type of updates you want to receive or you would want to service to your clients.

Configure your sync schedule I always set mine to a time that won’t impact the backup schedule or Network bandwidth.

Select begin initial sync to get the update classifications for the products you selected.

Click Finish you WSUS should now be configured properly to get the updates for the clients you specified. That completes the setup of WSUS!

You are still not done though there are still a few tasks to complete before your clients will gather the updates from this newly installed WSUS server.

1. You need to create computer groups within WSUS.
2. You need to create a policy (GPO) to specify the clients to use this WSUS server and put them into a specific group.
3.Configure your auto approval rules …

Now a hint create a test group I usually place non important servers like a management server I setup for Admin tasks with RSAT tools etc including other test servers here you can go and implement an auto approval rule… once updated and everything works fine on these servers usually after a day or 2. Then you can go and approve the updates for the rest of the servers in your organization. Good luck with setting up WSUS !

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Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2 & System Center 2012 R2 goes GA

Today marks the official availability of the next gen / wave of products from Microsoft. Windows 8.1 the new improved update on Windows 8 available as a FREE update.

Server 2012 R2 with its new and improved features my favorite being work folders more on that in a forthcoming blog post.

The latest version of System Center 2012 R2 of which I’m most keen on working (playing) with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 as I’m a deployment junky!

These are immediately available on MSDN and TechNet (while it lasts) subscriptions

See here: how to update to Windows 8.1

Download Evaluation Windows Server 2012 R2 Here!

Download Evaluation for System Center 2012 R2 Here!

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Selected as MCT Regional Lead

Something I am quite proud of! Representing and working with Microsoft Learning! Recently I was selected as MCT Regional Lead for the Netherlands. I received an email from Karen Juhl the Senior MCT Program Manager (Microsoft)

“Dear MCT Regional Leads,

Welcome newly accepted applicants to the regional lead program and  returning regional leads to another year of participation!  It’s exciting to see the interest in the MCT regional lead program.  We have an opportunity to continue to build on what has been established as well as find additional ways to leverage the regional leads reach to support and strengthen the MCT program.”

If any of you reading this post are also MCT’s, and have questions on the Regional Lead program, feel free to get in contact with me for additional explanations and what you can do for the MCT community!

Looking forward at meeting the rest of the European MCT Regional Leads at the MCT Summit in Helsinki Finland in Nov 28 -30 2013.

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Setting up a Server 2012 KMS Host

Volume activation has always been the easiest way to not just activate computers in the enterprise but to also manage licenses in the enterprise.The following post shows just how easy it is to setup a KMS host on Server 2012.

Volume activation services has become a role so you would go to add new role or feature select the Activation services role walk thru the wizard and it will get installed on the Server.

You will see a yellow triangle in Server manager indicating the role is installed but there are additional post deployment configuration required. Click Volume Activation Tools to finish off configuring the new role of volume activation.



Enter the server name for the KMS Host.


Enter your Server 2012 CSVLK (Volume license key) The key will also activate previous Microsoft Windows Server Operating systems such as Server 2008 , Server 2008 r2 and Windows clients 8 , 7 etc

At Configuration evaluate the settings and tick the domain profile to create the firewall exception for the KMS port. You can add a FQDN for the DNS zone but the configuration will be published / created in the primary DNS zone by default so you could leave that blank as displayed. Click on commit to write the configuration to DNS.

Click Close to close the wizard.

Once completed you can check the KMS host registration in DNS. I always use the VAMT 3.0 part of the Windows ADK to manage the activation of clients. Download the free tool from Here!

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Cloud Solutions Event in Amsterdam

As with all good things there’s often a story attached. A few months ago I partnered my business with a good friend of mine Peter De Tender and many good things came from that partnership this event will be another collaboration along with the Arrows Group.

We will be presenting on the new Microsoft technologies Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2 and what they can do for businesses. Looking forward at seeying you all there in Amsterdam. Click on flyer for details.


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Next up Rome! E2EVC

E2EVC_LogoMy next speaking engagement will be at E2EVC in Rome on Nov 1-3 2013 at the H10 Roma Citta Hotel It will be my first time at this community driven conference. The best part of this type of conference is that its for and by the community itself. Most if not all of the attendees are experts in IT and Virtualization and will be delivering a technical topic as well. I will be bringing my talk on virtualizing the user experience.

E2EVC represents the best in Virtualization technologies available right now and in future with around 42 sessions 20 MVP’s, 18 countries represented, 16 CTP’s, 6 Vexperts all in 3 days… whew! Looking forward to hanging out with those Virtualization experts I have a lot of questions 🙂

There’ s still time to Register ! Click Here! for the direct link to registration.


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Speaking at IT Pro Dev Connections 2013 Greece

I know I just came back from Dev Connections in Vegas and that was an extremely rewarding experience where I delivered 2 wonderful sessions to great attendees. Next up will be IT Pro / Dev Connections Greece on Dec 7 – 8 2013. I will be delivering my talk on UE-V and the future of setting up the user environment.

This event is hosted by the Greek IT professional community autoexec.gr, in cooperation with the Greek developers community, dotNETZone.gr.

Looking forward at meeting everybody in Greece in December! To Register or have a look at the website click Here!

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MsTechEd NA 2013 a brief summary

I love my life and what I do …I get to hang out with some of THE brightest minds in the Microsoft world from time to time. Just over a week ago I attended Microsoft TechEd North America in New Orleans and I had an amazing time.

I spoke to people such as Mark Minasi, Stephen Rose, Evangelists Joey Snow & Rick Claus, Countless MVP’s and Microsoft Program managers too many to mention many folks in the International MCT Community along with Michael Bender & #THEKREWE.
About all the Technology stuff you can look that up on Channel 9 site Here!

Where you can filter on the technology, product or speaker on the things that interests you. I managed to attend quite a lot of sessions on the technologies I focus on Windows Client and Server, Deployment sessions with MDT and System center configuration manager. Azure office365 you name it it was all there. What made it even more awesome for me was that I got to not just once but 2 opportunities to speak at MS TechEd NA for the first time. I was approached by Richard Campbell (Great guy You will know him from the DotNetRocks fame with Carl Franklin) to take part in Speaker Idol the competition they have every year where the best speaker wins a slot for next years TechEd. As unfortunate as I was not to win I am happy to say that not the best man won but the best woman @ubergeekgirl Jessica DeVita won this years speaker idol looking forward to seeing her very first breakout session next year.

I got to present and host a Birds of a Feather (BOF-ITP24) session on Microsoft User experience Virtualization pretty much what I’m trying to get people excited about using or incorporate into their enterprises. The new way of virtualizing a user’s state and getting that to follow him no matter what device he\she may be using having all their data available , application settings and windows settings including virtualized apps. Exactly in a way as you would experience using a Microsoft account on a Windows 8 device but this within an organization using domain credentials and enterprise infrastructure. Stephen Rose along with Ronald Dockery gave a good presentation showcasing this technology in their session the replaceable pc – re-enjoy the moment by watching the recording of their session Here!

If not the best part of being there, was taking advantage of the crazy deal on the Microsoft Surface RT 64GB and Surface Pro 128 GB Microsoft allowed every attendee to buy one of each.
Just a few more days I can’t wait to assist Microsoft Learning at Teched Europe in Madrid (Spain) as a MCT Ambassador.

Here’s a link to the interview that Mathew Caldwell from Microsoft Virtual academy had with me on the fly outside the Certification Booth at the Techexpo. Click Here!

It was an honor being among the best speakers in the world on Microsoft Tech! The best part of enjoying my life comes in helping others achieve their needs and dreams. Its all part of community the Microsoft IT Community.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2

It seems like we were just getting used to Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1 Microsoft announced the forthcoming releases at MsTeched North America 2013 in New Orleans. I was lucky enough to be there and catch a few of the technical breakout sessions where information on the new releases were displayed.

An old friend of mine Saud Al-Mishari (@saud_ms) Snr PFE Microsoft UK already created a nice list on their blog so I’ll just link to that wegpage Here.

The breakout sessions are listed on channel 9 for your viewing pleasure. Lets all get up to speed on what new features and opportunities will be made available with  Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 I for one cannot wait till next week when some of the previews will be made available (26 June 2013).

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Microsoft MVP Award 2019-2020

I am so happy, surprised, excited and really astonished I have made the cut and received another Microsoft MVP award on the 1st of July a few days ago. This time I was awarded as MVP for Microsoft Azure.

Although I still have a lot of affinity towards Windows and Devices and other technologies I guess my contributions in the past year where majority Azure and not enough to be able to be selected for both contribution areas.

I have made a promise to myself to get back into blogging as an outlet to help within the Microsoft community with the technologies and issues I come across in my day to day activities including all the beautiful events I still get to speak at and share my knowledge with.


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